I've stumbled across many apps over the years, here are just a few that I find very noteworthy:


For a general clean up, I always use CCleaner from Piriform; Its free!, It's always updated, and it always finds all the crap on your machine, whether you knew it was there or not. It features both a Registry Cleaner and a general cleanse of temporary files/cache and unused files.



Piriform also have another couple of useful tools; for immediately post deletion recovery, look no further than Recuva. This nifty tool allows you to scan for the last deleted files, and provided they haven't been written over, they can be easily recovered. Note that Recuva doesn't seem to be good at recovering files much after the initial deletion, so treat this a go-to tool to use right after an initial deletion.


Speccy and Defraggler

They've also got Speccy (gives you all the system information you could ever want about your machine) and Defraggler (a defragmentation tool with individual file defrag support). I have used both, but I tend not to use them frequently and so I don't update them very often.